Let's hear it.

You have Q's. We have A's. If you need more assistance, get in touch.

Does the Scout Pass expire?
Yup. The fourth edition is valid through December 2024
Do I have to have the book with me to cash in?
You got it. Torn out pages don't count. Besides, you look so much cooler handing over a real, tangible book than flashing your phone at someone.
Can I use it multiple times?
Each offer is only good once. After that page is endorsed, move on to the next spot!
Can I buy Scout Passes in bulk?
Each edition is a limited run, but get in touch and we're sure we can work something out.
When will I get my Scout Pass?
Orders ship same-day starting December 11.
Are there age restrictions?
Everyone is welcome to play here at the Scout Pass, but offers on alcohol can only be redeemed by those 21+.
How can my business get in on the action?
Shoot us a message and we'll let you know when we're starting on the next edition.
Anything else I should know?
One thing. Be good people. Tip like you're paying full price and help keep local businesses thriving.